Vilarinha House

Year: 2010 - 2012
Local: Vilarinha street, Porto
Intervention: 2 single family dwellings

The lot was occupied by two old houses of poor construction, with no relevant architectural value. The remaining land was cultivated with a vegetable garden and did not have native or significant tree species.

In the design of the new building, the existing buildings were demolished, which were both facing the street and also the volumes in the back of the lot.

The new construction is projected with central implantation, in relation to the lot, housing two single-family dwellings of t4 typologies, allowing to take advantage of all elevations and solar orientation.

This recess in the lot will make it possible to open a house oriented to the East and another oriented to the West, forming more harmonious and quadratic gardens, less rectangular, avoiding a longitudinal division of the land that would necessarily form two casings, less useful as garden spaces.

The two dwellings will be divided longitudinally at the basement level and transversally at the floor level, guaranteeing the full privacy of the gardens in their relationship with each house.

Pedestrian and car accesses will be made independently for each dwelling, from Rua da Vilarinha, approximately 3meters below the general level of the land. The houses will have two floors above the land and a basement. The last one will be excavated in the ground, occasionally covered by a slab to extend the garden to the West. Under the construction, ventilated porches are formed, illuminated by large ditches of light that communicate directly with the street.

Architecture: Duarte Morais Soares
MSA team: Telmo Gomes