Year: 2020
Intervention: rua Mouzinho da Silveira - Largo de São Domingos, Porto

The building is located in the “Historical Area” of the Strategic Block 14012 – São Domingos and is located at the intersection of Rua Mouzinho da Silveira and Largo de São Domingos, thus configuring itself as a corner. It has two fronts with its facades facing south over Largo de São Domingos and southeast over Rua Mouzinho da Silveira. The lot faces, to the West, a 5-storey building and, both to the North and Northeast, faces two buildings with 4 and 3 floors, respectively, leaving free 2 gables, which are punctuated with some cracks, which allow ventilation and entrance. of natural light.


The intention is part of a philosophy of rehabilitation of the building for 1 generous T2 apartment on each floor, a T1 apartment in the back and on the ground floor 3 shops for services and restaurants, introducing new floor structures, rehabilitating cash of stairs, adjusting the position of the elevator and adding a balcony that runs along the entire facade of the 5th floor to mitigate the existing concrete platband.


Regarding the façade and its original elements, as many elements as possible are preserved and rehabilitated, with the introduction of granite pieces on the lintels, eaves, cornices and platbands, and tiles on the ground floor and top floor.

Architecture: Duarte Morais Soares
MSA team: Christian Flotman, Elisa Moutinho, José Almeida, Maria João Lopes