Year: 2016 - 2019
Local: Mouzinho da Silveira street, Porto
Intervention: 5 commercial, residential and office buildings, for apartments and commerce.

The buildings are located in the “Historical Area”. These five buildings are identified in the Strategic Document of SRU – PORTO VIVO, as part 14 of the Intervention Unit – SEMENTEIRA BLOCK 14032.

The buildings occupy the entirety of the plots on the ground floor level, leaving in its centre an exterior opening, used as a lobby, confined by the back facades.

The main façade, facing Mouzinho da Silveira street, has influences from the Art Nouveau period.  Finished with painted plaster, with a rhythmic opening of spans. The side gables are in granitic stone measuring about 30 centimetres deep, without openings. The slabs of floors are in traditional construction of wooden beams, wooden floors and stucco ceilings.

The buildings facing Bainharia street have a typical configuration in Porto, with a restrained front. The front facade is reduced, opening the largest number of spans structurally allowed at the time.

The group of buildings was in bad and very bad state of conservation, having, in the case of one of the buildings facing Banharia street, collapesed all of its interior and the roof was in partial ruin.

The intention of this proposal was in the need for rehabilitation of the complex, favoring the creation of quality housing, with safety and health conditions, guaranteeing the respect of integrating the historical heritage.

It was intended to internally reorganize spaces creating connections between the 5 buildings, which allowed the installation of 9 dwellings of T2, T3 and T4 typologies, the creation of parking and the maintenance of commerce on the ground floor of Mouzinho da Silveira.

Architecture: Duarte Morais Soares
MSA team: Elisa Moutinho, José Almeida, Sofia Gaspar
Photo: Inês d'Orey