Rosário School swimming pool pavillion

Year: 2011
Local: av. da Boavista, Porto
Intervention: equipment Indoor swimming pool and sport activity rooms


Externally the building is constructed by the fitting of two volumes.

The first includes a 25 m swimming pool and 3 rooms for practicing gymnastics, ballet, judo, etc.

This vaulted volume follows the theme of curved metal roofs, already used in the buildings that house the College’s sports facilities. It has a light mixed structure, composed of laminated wood beams, supported on curved metal pillars. Metal beams (trusses) span the gap over the pool and support the flooring of the activity rooms.

The second volume, facing the public road, is in a reinforced concrete structure with a flat roof, plastered walls and bare concrete basement, conveying an idea of ​​solidity.

Architecture: Gonçalo Morais Soares