Year: 2021
Local: Cedofeita street, Porto
Intervention: Expansion and alteration to housing.

The existing house integrates the remains of a set of historic mansions in the city of Porto, in which it was important to give a new meaning and preserve. The intention of the proposal fits the need for rehabilitation of the complex, favoring housing quality, guaranteeing and respecting questions of historical architectural heritage. The building in question is, in general, in a good state of conservation, requiring only interventions at the level of the roof and some of the floors.

The intention also aimed two impervious patios/gardened areas (private) belonging to the duplex fractions of the ground floor and basement, with considerable dimensions between 240 and 250 sqm. On the 2nd and 3rd floors, fractions T3 typology were designed, occupying almost the entire area, with the rest being occupied with common vertical and horizontal accesses. On the top floor, a single fraction (T4 duplex typology) of generous dimensions, above 300 sqm, an unusual situation in the city center.

With regard to the backyard building, the aim was to preserve the volume previously proposed in the building permit, resorting, however, to greater excavation of the lower floor in order to develop, consequently, a higher ceiling height in the parking lot allowing to double the usefull área of parking by the setting of lifting platforms, creating an unlevel of the solutions of the horizontal distribution in gallery.

The new gallery articulates, with the backyard building, a relationship of half floors, increasing the gross area for toilets/baths and laundry rooms, ensuring the opening of a sequence of 3 halls (3.00 m wide) in order to allow the opening of spans and lighting for the interior spaces of the kitchens and bedrooms, as well as lighting the access gallery to the dwellings. Likewise, the creation of these spaces makes it possible to create a storage for technical areas in order to complement the needs of the dwellings.

In this way, this intention seeks to increase the parking capacity through the creation of a permeable outdoor car park, with permeable accesses, essentially complementary to the needs of the mansion’s dwellings. Also in this sense, the intervention on the basement floor of building B allowed the installation of lifting platforms, also enabling the increase (to double) the number of parking spaces. The two solutions make it possible to use both buildings.

Regarding the building facing Cedofeita street, there was an increase in private residential areas. The magnificent brick ceilings in the basement are now spaces for current use, previously intended for the storage area, due to the design of a new solution establishing the kitchen, laundry and multifunctional spaces through the lowering of the existing floor level. The punctual insertion of small alterations or increases in the openings to the facades seeks a better lighting of the interior spaces, essentially, with regard to the side elevation.



3D Model: Lezita Simas
Landscape Architecture: Paulo Palha
Architecture: Duarte Morais Soares
MSA team: Afonso Romana, Maria João Lopes, Sofia Gaspar