5D movie theater

Year: 2015 - 2016
Local: Rua Ancira, Miragaia, Porto
Intervention: Warehouse rehabilitation for auditorium/cinema

The object of the project previewed  conservation works for the installation of a 5D auditorium and complementary spaces such as ticket office, shop, office and technical areas for services on the ground floor and on the 1st floor in fraction with independent entrance the installation of an office and “ open space” for services, providing for the occasional rehabilitation of an existing building, with the use recently granted for Services and Commerce.

Inside it is developed on the ground floor an auditorium, ticket service and reception room/shop, Régie’s office and technical areas for machinery.

On the first floor and with an independent entrance, an office was developed (already existing toilets) and two “open-space” rooms for the installation of various cultural activities.

The interior plan was practically untouched, installing only a few walls to compartmentalize the Régie as well as opening small doors for correct operation. No changes were made to the existing structure, floors or baths.

The interior walls of the auditorium in brick and/or stone were acoustically insulated into the interior surfaces. These blankets  have high insulation characteristics, exceeding 36DB with the introduction of lead and cork. (Isolmant and Amorim coatings).

The roofs were preserved without intervention, only with the placement of rock wool insulation on the ceiling slab, on the first floor.

The facades were in need of maintenance in terms of painting, it is not intended to introduce any changes in terms of the shape of the openings, their original grids and colors. The existing spans were maintained, only proceeded to the replacement of the simple frames with enameled acoustic and thermal wood frames equipped with double glazing for this purpose, replacing the original spans, according to the architectural design.

Architecture: Duarte Morais Soares
MSA team: Maria Josão Lopes, Telmo Gomes
Photo: Paulo Carvalho