F Sampaio House

Year: 2016 - 2018
Local: Foz, Porto
Intervention: Single Family Housing

The plot of implantation is narrow and long, which there are elevations of about 8,4meters of width, allowing to open a central patio, leaning against the west gable, with 3 x 4,5 meters, so that the interior of the house enjoys greater light and ventilation.

Opening to this space, the dining room to the south, and the kitchen and laundry to the west/south.

The rear facade is developed in two vertical planes, covered in marble stone. The ground floor being the social area and the first floor (indented) the private area, composing the bedrooms that open onto a large balcony with long flowepots, aligned with the facade of the groundfloor.

The construction is equipped with the comfort and security required for modern days, endowed with safety principles, generous fenestration for ventilation and lighting, good insulation, and passive automatic energy saving systems.

The house will be served by a garage for 2 cars and in the same plan it also gives entrance to an internal patio and the main atrium of the house. These accesses mark the main elevation. They will be covered in wood, protected under a balcony and flowerpot in marble stone (travertine), in a dry joint.

he facade of the upper floor, with the same finish, indents and complies with the rule of 45 degrees considering the width of the street. In here we have the openings of bedrooms and a bathroom, protected by a concrete canopy due to the strong sunlight to the south.


3d modeling: Lezita Simas

Architecture: Duarte Morais Soares
MSA team: Ana Mesquita, Maria João Lopes