F Melo House

Year: 2015 - 2016
Local: José Carvalho street, Foz, Porto
Intervention: Expansion and alteration to housing.

The construction is part of a set of 3 houses with similar characteristics, the other two having already been intervened, with care of maintain the height, the rhythm of the fenestrations, especially those on the first floor, the shape of the roofs and the finishes of the eaves.

It is intended to preserve as much as possible the image of the city, preserving the existing main facade, at floor level, with only the ground floor being redesigned in order to integrate a garage door, framing the entrance door, now repositioned and intended to be recovered.

The height and shape of the roofs are maintained, as well as the eaves finish, in its current language, the enameled wood frames and the plaster, (to be restored where necessary). All the rest was demolished, giving rise to a completely new construction, including the rear facade.

Architecture: Raquel Morais Soares